Women Mentoring Women

Women Mentoring Women


17157782_10208441153772281_3181661094778810994_oIn a world filled with conflicting voices clamoring for your attention, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a mature Christian woman in your life–a woman who could be a voice of trustworthy encouragement? What woman wouldn’t love to have a friend to walk beside her through life’s challenges–a friend to help guide her as she grows spiritually?

Women Mentors can help you discern what it means to face day-to-day challenges by focusing on God First, no matter what season of life you’re in.

Whether you are a woman looking for a friend to walk through life with, or you are someone who God has graced with experience, understanding and a desire to encourage others, we invite you to join us.



 Girlfriend Xperience 


The Girlfriend Xperience is an ultimate Sorority of Sisterhood bonded together with women from all walks of life. Bonded in conjunction with the desire to achieve our version of success in our personal and professional lifestyle while knowing that it’s one in the same. Being free to share life experiences while one continues toward fulfilling their life mission.

We are a circle of beautiful women inspiring in business or ministry. The goal of the Girlfriend Xperience is to encourage you to turn your Passion into your Purpose with the understanding that God’s has made Provision in which His Promises will lead you to Prosperity. The objective is to foster an environment of continual learning in which “iron sharpens iron” and the fundamental principles of business which teaching one to start, grow and sustain their vision.

Creating a professional network of business owners that support one another in spirit but also in the utilization of services within our Sorority of Sisterhood.Having a firm sense of community that enables us to reach back and mentor another with the love of Christ in our heart. For this experience is like none other because we check our personalities at the door and pick up the Fruits of Spirit because we understand and know that our foundation is that of Christ.