Managing Your Income

16729448_964930996971275_6021414434130476007_n.pngThere are some basic rules that everyone needs to follow in order to successfully manage their money. It starts with managing your income. The key to financial success is to spend less than you earn. If you can do that, you can begin to build success through saving and investing your money. However, that is not always as easy as it sounds, and the key to doing it is budgeting successfully. A budget is more than a list of categories and amounts for your money. It is your monthly guide and your plan to help you reach your goals.

A budget works best when you write it out each month.

You set the amounts, you prioritize your spending and saving based on your goals and circumstances, and then you track your spending. This lets you know when you need to stop spending in a certain category. You can adjust your categories as needed, but you should try to stick to them for the most part. Once you get control of your budget, you w


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